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4 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Troy Vorse says:

    Hey Gary,
    Can you send me over the code for one of the MOBS logos, like the ‘book cover’? Also , if you can, code for a 200×200 imelite banner or something close? Emailed Alex couple of days ago, but he’s probably too busy with launch today. I didn’t get the affiliate page with resources for Imelite. Thanks, I’ll be talking with you soon…I know I’ve been a ghost lately.

    Troy Vorse

  2. Gary says:

    Hey Troy,

    Thanks so much for stopping by! At this time, I do not have any code for the banners, however, I have an easy fix. Right click on any of the images, and save to your computer. Once you do that, go over to, and upload your image there. TinyPic will give you the required html so that you may post to your WP blog in a widget or on a page or post.

    As for the url for the tools for IMElite affiliates, here it is: IMElite Affiliate Tools

    Hope this helps Troy!


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  3. Troy Vorse says:

    Hey Gary,

    Should’ve left these here last night…early morning, whatever it was…burnin the 3am oil…
    These have been up since May, but haven’t done much with them even after I promised you…see I need wippin into shape. Redid some things on the site past few days so, get it out there for some traffic…if its worthy! (will personalize this one too just for you)


  4. Gary says:

    Thank you Troy, great job!!

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